Choosing the Right Shoe for your Foot.

Who said that Comfort shoes must look Ugly? Well, Le Sansa team is here to help.

Naked Arches by Le Sansa footwear is designed in Australia by team of Podiatrist, Biomedical Engineers, and experienced Shoemakers.

A good shoe should not only look good but feel comfortable and prevent long term deformities & injuries. Here are some of the key parameters in any good footwear.

  • Supportive back/Heel counter

Feel and press the back of the shoe and it should be bit stiff to hold the back of your foot and not let it twist whether you are walking, running, or doing your daily errands. Quality of the support needs to be perfect-stiff enough to hold the back of foot and at the same time not too hard to create discomfort. All Naked Arches footwear by Le Sansa are designed with the correct back counters for each category of footwear.

  • Correctly designed Soles

While all soles seen in footwear appear to look the same, but a better designed sole is different. While the sole needs to be rigid to provide the lateral and medial stability to hold the foot firm, it also needs to be flexible at about two-thirds from the back, not in middle of shoe. This ensures that the shoe flexes and rolls the way the foot does naturally.

  • Comfort Factor

A good shoe will let you feel comfortable the moment you step your foot inside. Good quality upper leathers should firmly hold your foot and with time should mold to the contours of your foot. Most of the leathers for Le Sansa footwear are procured from Europe. There should be enough volume in the toe area, so your toes are not squashed together. Naked Arches by Le Sansa has perfected this science over the years where they can create a good volume in the shoe without making the shoe look heavy.

  • Arch Support

Finally, the most important parameter “ARCH SUPPORT”.  You can talk to any Podiatrist, and he will tell you one thing that more and more young women are walking into their clinics with foot problems because of wearing the wrong footwear.

Naked Arches (or unseen arch supports) removable footbeds are part of the Le Sansa story. These customized footbeds with arch supports are designed to give the stability and support to the foot without compromising on style.

Naked Arches footbeds, once worn and getting the utmost comfort, you will wonder why you did not have these before.

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