How to clean white leather sneakers

Have you noticed recently that women of all ages are wearing white sneakers-a lifestyle combining activewear which can be worn as casuals to a coffee shop or a stroll down the park? 
Though white sneakers give elegance at the same time white can get stained very easily. Did you look at your pure white sneakers and found those look pretty drab? No need to feel bad as there are ways to have preventive care and these can be cleaned easily with some basic work. 
Le Sansa specialises in fashion soft comfort leather sneakers using soft supple breathable European leathers and with current fashion trends, most of these come in white colour. Some of the Le Sansa sneakers come with removable comfort support insoles which are good for heel and arch support. There are ways to have Preventive care and ways to clean these leather sneakers

Preventive care

Protect your white leather sneakers so they stay cleaner, longer. Get a bottle of water and stain repellent at the shoe store, and spritz away before strutting around in your pristine kicks. Simply spray the repellent evenly on the surface of your shoes and let them dry overnight. Give your shoes a nice cleaning and spray-session every few weeks.

Clean the soles and shoelaces first

Your soles and laces can be cleaned with warm water. While you can use an old toothbrush to use as a scrubber to wash your soles, shoelaces can be removed and washed in warm water. Avoid getting water on the leather part of the sneaker.

How to clean a white leather sneaker

Wipe off any excess dirt or mud. Now scrape off any excess dirt that has been leftover and that hasn't seeped into the leather. Use a soft nylon brush or a cotton rag and wipe all over your shoe. This should remove most of the dry dirt and dust that is on the surface of the shoe.

Dampen the outside of your shoe with a rag or towel. Dampen a rag so that it is wet, but not soaking. You do not want to over-saturate the leather on your shoes because it can damage it over time. Rub the damp cloth over the entirety of the shoe to remove the initial dirt.

Rub a dab of toothpaste into scuffs and stains. Make sure to use non-gel whitening toothpaste that does not have artificial dyes that can stain your shoes. Put dabs of toothpaste over the problem areas of your shoes and start to rub the toothpaste into the leather with your fingers. Use a circular motion and have the patience for it to work.

Scrub the stains with a toothbrush. Scrub in the toothpaste, working in small circular motions. Continue to do this until the stain breaks up. Clean the entire shoe this way.

Take a towel and wipe the toothpaste away. Make sure to remove all the toothpaste that was left over from cleaning. If you have trouble removing the toothpaste, dampen the rag with a little bit of warm water and rub the toothpaste off the shoe.

Once all the toothpaste has been removed, wipe your shoes down with a microfiber cloth or a rag. You can repeat the cleaning process if your shoes are still dirty. Make sure they are completely dry before your next wear. 

If these simple measures fail to work, then the best advice is to take your sneakers to a professional shoe repairer who can fix the stains without damaging the leather.

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