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The colour of the year - Pink

Pink is officially hot in 2024. Not only is Peach Fuzz Pantone’s Colour of the Year, but this joyful hue is painting the town—and everything in it—a rosy shade of fabulous. From this season’s fashion runways to interior design showcases, pink is popping up like never before, proving that it's not just for princesses, bubble gum and Barbie anymore.

From vivid fuchsia to soft blush, adding pops of pink to your looks is a great way to update your style, be it for everyday chic or an elegant occasion. One of the easiest ways to add pink to your looks is with women’s footwear.

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How to style pink boots

The key to styling pink boots is making them the centrepiece of your outfit. Work them with high-waisted black trousers to create a sleek and sophisticated silhouette that lets the vibrant boots stand out. Add a black top for a contemporary touch that brings a polished yet edgy vibe to the ensemble. A black crossbody bag will complement the look by adding a chic element.

Inject a touch of glamour without overshadowing the striking boots by polishing off silver jewellery like stackable rings and chunky earrings and you’ll have a flawless look, from office to after-dark drinks.

How to style pink sneakers

Styling pink sneakers can turn a casual outfit into a bold fashion statement. Pair them with high-waisted jeans for a relaxed, yet trendy silhouette that lets the vibrant footwear shine. Add a baby pink roll-neck sweater to create a soft, monochromatic contrast that keeps the look cohesive.

A white crossbody bag is your perfect accessory, providing a fresh, clean touch while ensuring practicality. Finish your ensemble with silver jewellery – (think dainty necklaces, fine rings and dangly earrings) to add a touch of elegance without overwhelming the outfit.

How to style pink flats

For an easy-breezy look that’ll carry you through the season, pink flat shoes add a delightful pop of colour to any summer outfit. We love styling them with a flowy white breezy white midi dress to create a fresh and airy look that’s perfect for warm weather.

That contrast between the bright shoes and the crisp white dress will make your footwear the focal point while keeping the overall vibe light and on point. Add a neutral-coloured crossbody bag to introduce a neutral, earthy element that balances the brightness of the pink and complements the summery feel.

Wrap up the look with matching silver earrings and a bracelet to add a touch of shimmer and sophistication without overpowering the ensemble.

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